Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Flat cruise to planting - SS

not much of a ride. took singlespeed across to Steve's. only Andrew and Wayne were in attendance. we headed down Garlands, round King Edward to the singletrack behind the fish factory, round back of there, crossed the Cut, headed up the true left side to Radley, some cool little singletrack in there on that side, then back on the other side, all the way down to Tunnel Rd bridge, then staying on that side took the single round to Ferrymead Historic park, round to Ferry Rd Bridge, back up stream behind the industrial area, spat out onto Charlesworth St, and along to TFC and the planting. put in heaps of plants, got to lay quite a few out, which i enjoyed, shaping the future ecology of the area. then T and H and O turned up, with the Tagalong, so attached that and Otis and me rode home. along bikepaths, linwood, linwood canal, backstreets, home. with john.

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