Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday Night, SS. Greasy Captain, Godley.

Nelson picked me up bout 5.30-6. Headed out to Slumner. Both on Singlespeeds, headed up Captain Thomas. Greasy as, dabbed and walked lots. hard to get traction with all that torque. Got to Evans and we were originally gonna go up the road to top of Greenwood, and back down Thomas, but decided Greenwood would be nasty in places too, and the Captain wouldnt be much fun going down either, so we headed out Godley. first half was tricky, greasy in spots, but dried out the further out we got. Got to Breeze Col and headed round singletrack below road, then back. by which time for some reason Nelson's battery was going, his light becoming dimmer and oranger. Down Anaconda, he was taking it pretty slow. mine was fine, i was ripping. tho, the brakes need overhauling. then up out of Taylors, gooood grunt on the singles. and cos of his light, we just bombed it down the road.

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