Monday, May 12, 2008

pleased still, with the new soul i am

saturday morning. Matt, Andrew, Wayne and me met at Steve's, and cos of rain overnight we headed round river to McCormacks Bay, and up the gully track to Craigieburn Pl, up Mt Pleasant, hit Greenwood, and down to ranger Nick Singletrack's ute, grabbed a grubber or spade each and then headed down to meet up with trail maintenance volunteers. put in half hour or more with them, flipped a few rocks, dug a few drains, smoothed up a few lines... all good. then headed back up a bit and down 4wd track to Richmond Hill pines, then under Steve's advice we took a couple wrong turns trying to find the way they'd come up a week before... (personally, i would have liked to ride down the gnarley root infested track under the trees, then across the track we'd ridden up weeks before (when steve wasnt with us), then down Richmond Hill proper. Matt and i scarpered for home cos of the time, whereas Steve Andrew and Wayne stopped for DotComCoffee.

Soul performs nicely, tho, trails werent really testing enough.

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