Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday Single-hill-speed

FIIINALLY hit up the hills. Saturday morning i set to the singlespeed, throwing on a new wheel (SS specific (disc only) i changed its 16t for my 18t) and new rear brake (cheep ass cable disc), scored off a couple of vorbii

O and T were off at a concert and so GG came over to look after H and i hit the road almost dead on 2. spun across town to Rapaki, and so began the grunt. Ugh, it'd be along time, and i was wishing i'd put on my 34t front ring instead of rocking the 38:18, but, struggled away and made pretty good time. got off and walked a couple of times, once by the Manuka, once half way up the upper straight, and once on the corner just after that.

Track Closed signs were up for Vernon (but people were still heading up it!), so i took the road round to the Traverse. no 'track closed' sign there (and i'd neglected to check the web) and talked to a guy who'd just come off it, who said it wasnt bad (and he wasnt absolutely spattered in mud, so i hit it and headed round. Trail was in good knick. the usual odd wet spot. Bombed it good, really enjoying the singlespeed ride, round to the Sugar Loaf restspot. chatted with some folk there (guy on a Rocky Hammer (STEEL IS REAL, Bro)) and then i headed back.

Temporary blindness made me miss the Track Closed sign at start of Vernon, and headed over the first bit. Trail was fine, besides the two wet spots up top. interestingness over the rocky sections up top, then good flow down to Farm Track (where there were two !motorcycles! up above the road (almost on the bike track!)). i continued on down (thinking i might head for top of Rapaki) but got to the first wet section, walked around it, saw the next bit and turned back up to Farm Track.

Hurtled down Farm Track, putting my new (to me) discs to good use... good flight down here, but fork needs attention.

Spun back home (via the Grape Escape for a couple of Green King IPA's). 2 hours all up. yesterday, my upper body was feeling the ride. must get up the hill on the single more often, its a bloody good workout.

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