Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tuesday full moon urbanism

aaarrrggghhh... how long since tires schluffed dirt? neeeeeed singletrack...

weekend resulted in no riding... took O to a kids BMX thing out at Hornby which was groovy for him and made ME want a sweet little trick 24inch bmx cruiser.
and yesterday, went out to Cowles Stadium and had a go on a bunch of weird and wonderful machines at Bikes4Fun (also as part of KidsFest), even having my first ever go on a P-Far. freakiness and harder than i thought it would be.

then, last night, krewzd to Petes, where met with Andrew Hubby Steve Steve Warren and we proceeded to repeat last thursday's ride, only tacking on south hagley park, a slightly different route back through town, and all of us ending up at Pomeroys for a couple pints... (this time, Tuatara Hefe and then an 3boys Oystah stout.

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