Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday funday in the sun day, Huntraverse Thomson Marl-Wors-ley

met at steves at 9, pete, hub, andrew, wazza, waynus, weirdlittle tony and steve, and me, obviously.

cruised round the park and headed up muntsbury, via aotea. nice climb, with a creak creak creak slowly building in my bottombracket regions. anyway. goodly climb up with a bit of a cool breeze coming off the south. made the top and hit the traverse. excellent bomb round here, everybody enjoying the open and dry track. we all love the two new(ish) berms near the end, allowing far more speed through a section that used to cause a little trouble...

then Thomsons, kiwi, up road up up up, and onto marleys. bit of permafrost up the top, then onto the descent. excellent flow down, peeling it and popping air every chance we got. rejoined the road and Andy and Hubby bailed into Vic Park, the rest of us tootled back up the hill to top of Worsleys.

Fun bomb down here, trail dry enough to get some good speed, picking carefully through a couple muddy bits. then into the lowers below bodybag, me riding all the skinnies above the ruts, others choosing (or not choosing) the ruts. one off, where i had no where to go and the ground wasnt there when i put my foot out, didnt hit anything tho, then on down. lower bit below and between the pylons was prbably the most dug up by 4wd's, mucky but still fun, and shadey bits reeaal slick. at the bottom of the dirt we regrouped and i was surprised to see how mucky they all were compared to me...

hurtled down the road, round the river to St Martins, for a coffee stop, where we re-met Andy and Hubster.

Awesome day for a ride, and mint to finally be on open trails again.

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