Friday, July 03, 2009

Thursday Urbanity

Grovelly weather and saturated trails kept us off the hills, and even off Bottle Lake... So, i jumped on the Globe and trundled to Petes, where Steve (on his Earth Cruiser), Rex, and Mark (on the Healing Tenspeed Tandem (on his own)) showed up too.

Pedalled the streets - round Avonside to Swanns bridge round River Rd to Fitz along cycle way to Cambridge round past cemetery brief encounter with Barbadoes then continuing along down the poplars and on round crossing river and Colombo into Vic Sq then along past courts and belgian beer bar on along to Worcester down to Museum hung a right and then into North Hagley diagonally towards Harper followed along side that round to Riccarton Roundabout althewhile in the park to hospital to Bridge of Remembrance down Cashel where Steve peeled off the rest of us jaunting to Pomeroys for a coupla pints - i had an Emerson's Hoppy Porter (YUM) and a 3Boys Oyster Stout (also YUM).
Some Fixsters were in residence there, 3 brakeless.

rain had just started as we headed home, and 10 minutes after i got in the gale and downpour began... lucky we didnt have that 3rd pint, and the fashion fixies will have had wet arses on their way home, rubbing brakeless (a la bsnyc...)

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