Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Thursday Conda Godley spin

Met Pete's, Nelson turned up and changed in the street and we jaunted to Taylors wherefore to meet with Warren, Wayne and Robin. Was fixing to be a bloody chilly one in town, but it was SO mild in Taylors...

The six of us toodled up the snake's tail and because Nelson, then myself, and then Pete peaked Breeze Col so soon Warren txted that they were waiting for Robin and for us to go on. So, what we figured we'd do is ride to Evans, then ride up Greenwood til we saw them get to Evans and we'd turn back down and catch them somewhere on Godley. this is not how it was to pan out. as we were cruising round the road in the dark i looked back to see their lights way off in the distance (surprised me at the time how far it looked) heading out the singletrack below the road, towards Godley Head. Figured about then that they must have something else planned, so at bottom of Greenwood we decided we'd just head back out Godley and txt's were traded that said as much and so we hit up Godley.

Both Nelson and me blew the first rocky section, so with Nelson's impetus we both tried it again and both cleaned it good. Pete was struggling with the concept of Lights having not partaken of so many night rides this season so far, and therefore wasnt on his best form. From the tricky bits out Nelson put distance on me and i put distance on Pete, but we all got there in the end. Once across the kinda landing strip area, where you head round to the more southerly facing usually wet slopes with the two boardwalk sections, i took the lead all the way down to Livingston Col, with Nelson close on my tail to start with, but the Teddington Shit section always gets him and i jetted ahead, only to have him inch back some gain on me somewhat by the bottom.

We traded the lead at Livingston and he gapped me again on the climb. The blitz down the final descents to Breeze were sweet, with long grass and tussocks making it pretty tricky to know what the trail was gonna do next. I was careful where i crashed two weeks ago, and then got some nasty squirrel, dew wet tires on smooth steel pipes, on the cattlestop exiting out to the road.

Finally, down the reptilian slithery thing. Nelson first, then me muppetting it along some sections and finally getting it together for most of the down. Found Robin half way down the lower section, he was a bit lost, and then finally at the bottom Wazz'n'Wayne were reclining comfortably in the grass, the sea view lapping below, stars sparkling in the firmament, wondering where on earth Robin had got to. We all sat for a bit there, it was indeed a nice spot, then i led off down the last section, Nelson hot on my tail, cleaning all the rocky bits and enjoying it, before bopping down over the fence and across back to the cars. Good night for it, good ride.

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