Monday, May 07, 2012

Sunday to Styx some trees in the ground

Townie yesterday. Steve, Tony, Andrew, Wayne, Pete and myself met at Pete's and we Woodhammed, Avonsided, Kilmored, Manchestered and Peterboroughed through to Hagley Park, then Kilmarnocked and Rail-pathed it up north to Tuckers then up to Styx Mill Reserve where we ignored the No Bikes signs and respectfully rode slowly through to the Husseys Rd entrance to meet the Ranger and Robin. We planted a buttload of Trees for Canterbury. Enjoying a few saussie sizzled saussies and hashbrowns after.

On the way home i detoured from the group to Pushbikes (top of Pap Rd) to get some brakeshoes, afterwhich it took me all the way to Kilmarnock, flat tack, to catch them back up again. Tony peeled off and we rode on together across Hagley then Salisbury St at the end of which i peeled the usual route home.

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