Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Quickie

Quick spin for me and Nelson tonight. we trundled up Huntsbury, me gasping a bit with low energy. Spotted a couple of lights on Rapaki, and it got me thinking why we're still not venturing up that anymore. Basically, its boring. I'd rather ride up the tarmac zig zags of Huntsbury, the newly gravelled (and "improved") lower reaches of dirt, then the gentling off of the slope allowing some respite before the final gravelled climb, its just mildly more interesting than the lowest common denominator that is Rapaki... As we climbed the last of Huntsbury the two lights cruised across the Traverse above us.

Onto the Traverse ourselves i took the lead and all the climby bits i felt Nelson gaining on me but all the descendy bits i dropped him. I felt pretty good riding round here but really noticed tonight the easy-ness of the trail. kinda, like, ridiculously so, but, no matter, still some fun to be had. We kept at it all the way round, no breaks. Then straight into top of Vic swooping down through the trees and as i came round to the see-saw i baulked. It looked slippery and i just wasnt quite in the 'zone' for it... We climbed and walked our way over the fence, and proceeded to do a few BrakeFrees before peeling left and over into the gummies.

I took it slow leading into the rockgarden and gums cos Nelson was a ways back, and i waited for him briefly in order to lead off down our nice little lefthander, an option he'd never taken before. My favourite bit of Vic Park at the moment, i love the way it zigs and zags through the tight forest. All the way down even the final couple switchies before climbing back up to the Skidder site.

Hadn't done Cool Runnings for an absolute age (3 days after the first Quake (with Chris)) so headed up over there. The entrance was a very nasty eaten out rutfest, but once past the wooden jump things tidied up and there's been a heap of work done down here, with mega jumps and lots of granny lines for the likes of us. We flowed down through granny line past jump and G out til we joined the bottom of Rad^Sick, out to Flow and bridges and the newer bit back and forth til the bottom run.

Up the punishment pre-reward, losing myself on more than one corner, then into the OldSkool. Nelson out front, a good flight down, tho on the exit of one of the corners my front wheel bit something and dropped and my stomach dropped too and from then on i was nervy, tho got my shit together by the end. Out round the road back to car, then off to Pom's for a nice Conehead followed up by a Tuatara Imperial IPA

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