Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday climby swoopy Worsley Nunning

Rode the Soul to work, and after my day of deskdriving got my ass to Nelson's work. We waded through traffic in the 'Rona parking up the top of Worsleys Road where Nelson proceeded to get dogshit on his shoe which i smelt whenever i followed him up the hill. We made a pretty steady pace up, with a 6.23pm Kiwi goal to meet the peeps. Got up top, me having to stop at the top of body bag for fear of puking. Walked it off then got back on again.

Passing under the tree at the top of Worsley was like passing into an entirely different world. Where it was clear sky and dry on the track up, suddenly it was overcast, damp, misty. The short climb to the top of the Nun took us into fog, difficult visibility from our glaring lights. Roughly 6pm? The fog lasted the first few corners then we dropped under it and it was sweet riding from there on down. Got to the bottom with plenty of time to spare so we headed back to the halfway and blasted the lower half again.

Up first was Andrew, then Steve, Robin and Tony, and then Warren. Hit up the road to the top and second time down for Nelson and me was definitely better. Possibly my best run of the night, everything familiar. Only Nelson and me went all the way to the bottom, so we hauled it up the road and caught the rest of them before the turn off, back up the top and round number 3.

This time I got skittery in a couple of corners, not quite as on form as the previous run. Andrew, Tony and Warren pulled out halfway for to go back up for another loop, and Robin and Steve came all the way down to finish due to Robin's shoulder. Watched lots of lights coming down the trail. Tuesday nights, everyone's out! Nelson chatted with Brendan who'd turned up with a posse, then we headed back up the road talking to a dude on a shagged out Ventana with brandnew marzocchis. The three of us kept a good pace up, overtaking a few others, and he peeled off for another blast of the Nun while we passed some more riders just about to head down Worsleys and we blitzed it. Nelson commented on how fast it was when we got to the bottom.

Granny clamber up to the top of the socalled B Line Hidden track, Forest Track, what-have-you. Nelson's rear Crossmark tire giving him no traction in the soft wet dirt, whereas my Moto was gripping like a grippything. I led off into the singletrack and was it ever sweet in there under the trees, good flow, over the rocks, railing the berms. Out on the clifftop there smack in the middle of the trail was a 4wd with a bunch of hicks in it enjoying the view(?). We peeled round in front of them and ended up rolling further to the right, across the rocks all the way along the top of the face. Nelson had a wee near miss tumble before we headed back into the trees, rejoining the usual line. Back and forth, round and over, and over that tricky rock, i kinda hauled up, and Nelson was right on my tail, but he lost flow and i jetted off down, thinking he was there, but really he had nose wheelied and then toppled onto the rocks. Then, further down his foot jumped out of his pedal and he low-sided it, bollocking himself in the process. Meanwhile, i'd flowed on down and was nearly out under the pylons and stopped to wonder where the hell he was. Headed up the 4wd track and finally saw his light. Plus the other rider's lights. They flowed on down while he assessed his damage.

Then we took off again, and after the pylons hung left into the trees, i kept right and piled across the trail and down through all the sweet drops and dips and again, no Nelson on my tail... Rode up the exit track and he was waiting, then we finished off down to the watertank round it and out the bottom new trails.

Only 8.13 as we drove across town. a mostly pretty good ride, my legs feeling stronger since my Saturday ride.

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