Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toosdy nite Townie

Nelson and me townied, me on the Surly, him on his skinny-tyred singlist, across to Steve's place's vicinity where we found Wazza, Pete and Robin awaiting us.  Away we trundled, Ford, Fifield, over the river along a path, over the river along Eastern, through Beckenham Park, back up to Fisher, cross Colombo, backstreets through to Somerfield Park where we picked up Andrew and Tony, then straight line northish across Brougham through to Hagley Park where we found Wayno and onwards around South Haggles, through the middle of North.  Wayne found some dog poo and put it all over his tires, then tried in vain to remove it.  On down Armagh and through Vic Square, somewhere none of us had been for a couple years, and out via the Pallet Pavillion, then Peterboroughed Kilmored to Poms...  Beer was consumed, and Trip plans discussed.  To Kaiteriteri/Rameka and Nelson we'll a-go.

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