Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Waitangi Day Taylors Godley

Having stayed over at Taylors, and it being a public holiday and all, i managed to get out in the afternoon.  Headed up the snake's tail and ground my way up the snake proper.  Cleaned it all but man it got me huffing.  Out to Breeze and on round below the road, picking up a good pace and climbing pretty well before the descent round and out to the end.  From here i climbed up above the road and on up to the closed trail round the back.  I knew the rock guys had been blasting it in recent times so figured it might be okay to go.  It used to be such a sweet run.  It still is, except for the few big fuckers of rocks semi-blocking the trail, and the section in the middle where all the rocks have tumbled down, chewing up the trail.  A couple more boulders, and the rest of the run back to Breeze was good, other than the long grass.

Back at Breeze, and only a half hour in, figured it'd be piking if i headed back down 'conda then, so headed on up the trail towards Livingston.  All the way over.  At Livingston, i explored the trail that heads towards the Harbour, strange W's on posts...  Had always wondered about this trail.  It sidles along for a while, quite nicely, climbing gently, but around the hill it heads up.  Couldn't be arsed heading up so turned back and rocked back down to the trail, headed up over round to Breeze, then offered an in to a couple other riders who were 'chewing the fat', they declined, so i headed on down the snake, having a better run than the day before, flying down, then cruising the last of the snake nicely.  Back up the road to the car, sequestered bike inside it, then trotted down the steps, into my togs and on down to the beach and straight into the water.  Beautiful.

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