Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Tuesday evening Taylors Lap

Quicky for me on my own cos people no one showed.  Thought Wayne and/or Warren might, but they never turned up.  So, headed on up the sweet wee grunt up from Taylors to Godley Head Rd, cleaning everything except the two usual hairpins, and having one wee breather before the small ribbonwood-land near the top of the singletrack.  Up the gravel grind, round the road, and up up up.  Txt from Marie saying she couldnt make it and it was off down the hill.  Excellent turn of speed down to Livingston Col where i noticed my rear tire getting softer, and softer, til finally just before the climb out i had to stop and change tubes.  Fucking rim tape...  Got moving, then more air needed, then got moving again on up the hill, over, past the spot i tumbled off last time, then on down to Breeze, where it really was pretty breezy, and a fast blast down Anaconda, still not grooving on the new bit, then along and up the lower track into the bach. Still all under an hour, even with the flat...  The rain of Monday, and Tuesday morning had done nothing to the trails.  It was amazing how dry they were...

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