Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday dawn Jet patrol

Sick of the lack of riding and flab that's been building up on my front, so got up at 6 and took Jet out to Bottle Lake in the Fiat, singlespeed on the back.  We blatted down the first avenue and hung a right.  He's so fast, but once on the singletrack I kept him in behind and we hoofed it round and out through the slowly lightening forest.  To start off with it was nearly too dark to see any trail detail, but by the time we'd gotten to the gazebo on the top of the hill it was okay.  Fast blat down from there and into some new trails on account of logging, then along the beach front, slowing down on the wide track for him to just lope along happily.

Headed back in and where the internal trail meets we hung a left and headed back through the new section towards the pond and then finally back to the car, Jet cruising a fair bit slower for the last little while.  Good boy!

Then, having a nice ride to work, enjoying the wrecked city scape along the poplars past ex-Centennial Pool and i rode over a beer can on the road which clung to my front wheel and rotated up into my mudguard, so i tried to knock it out with my foot which sent it wedging even harder into my tire and 'guard, spinning up, locking the front wheel, mangling the 'guard and sending me straight over the handlebars, smack-down onto the road, bike clattering over on top of me.  Lucky i was wearing gloves or my hands would have been mangled.  Elbows got garked.  Nose hit the ground and immediately started bleeding, visor part of my Surface helmet cracked, shin got garked by something and was leaking blood down into my sock.  Front wheel is toast, taco'd and bit crunch in the rim.  Mudguard is toast.  Got my shit together, removed the mudguard and managed to ride home slowly, wobble wobble wobble...  The worst of it all?  I scratched my brand spanking new Oakleys.  Damn IT!

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