Saturday, February 08, 2014

Family Bottle

Bit of a tootle out at Bottle Lake today.  Bit of a shit in some ways.  Rear brake on singlespeed not working, so took it pretty easy.  Family in tow, T, O and H, plus Tane and Lisa, and of course Jet the dog running alongside.  Had a good long break out at the beach, with Tane, H, Jet and me all swimming a bunch, then into the ride and staying back with H is really very slow.  Eventually we all got split up, and seconds after H and me leaving T, her rear derailleur got eaten by the wheel, locking it up completely.  Someone helped her out and she got moving, and got a message ahead via someone else to Lisa. Meanwhile, H and me were moseying through the middle and stopped and ate a heap of blackberries, then got back to the carpark just after Lisa and the other two boys.  She took all the boys and the dog home, while i went to find T.  Found her not too far away, and sorted out the hanger and derailleur a bit better so she at least could pedal without it skipping the rest of the way back.  Derailleur and hanger (part of frame) are stuffed.  Might be RIP for this frame...  as for H's bike...  ugh.  too slow and painful, he needs O's bike, and O's new 26 inch machine needs to be received and built.

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