Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday near repeat of last

Had a thing after work, so didnt make it home til about 6, Nelson ringing me as i approached my gate saying him and Craig were already up at the carpark top of Worsley's Rd.  Got sorted, in the car and on the road by about 6.25, making the top of the hill at 6.45, flicking a txt to Nelson saying, Starting Riding Now, and 5 minutes later he replied saying meet us at top of Dave's, probably right when i was riding past them there, but i didnt hear it so cleaned my way up, passing a couple girls struggling in the rocky bits, Jet loping along ahead, and making the bottom of the Body Bag at 7pm.  Bit of a breather and Mr Sutcliffe turns up from the B-Line zone, saying "have ya seen a couple of girls?"  Bit of a chat, and I took off only to stop to take a call from Nelson saying "where are ya?", and Nick rode past off up for another lap before the girls made it up.  I said to Nelson I'd meet them at the start of Fight Club, so i took the original Tommy's down, flowing and jumping quite good near the top, but then totally muppetising myself in the techy rock section (veered Right), and then finding some weird new lines off on the left.

Hooked up with Nelson and Craig, and we headed up the internal 4wd track, them leaving me behind in no time.  Up to the cliff-top, then on up the Original to the entrance to Debbie Does Dallas.  I led off into here and boy was it nice compared to last week.  No grease, and lotsa grip and fun.  Brilliant trail down.  Got to the point where I peeled left on the sidling track last week, and tried out the continuation down this time.  A few swoopy corners, some steep stuff, then round onto a wee narrow North Shore boardwalk over a log which none of us were game to balance on.  Continued on across the slope, up and down, sweet rollers, then a steep drop leading into a rugged chute, which i baulked on, Nelson rode, and Craig baulked on too.  Not far from here was the end.  Into the climb, once again Craig and Nelson leaving me behind, and we met up at the Junction.  Craig had had enough so bailed home, and Nelson and me continued back up the guts track to the top of Waynes World, watching Nick and then the girls rolling through that as we were climbing.

Into the descent, Waynes World, Party On, Excellent.  Fanged on down, into Fight Club and rolling and popping, one of Nick's girl's brakes squealing away behind us, then disappearing.  Fight Club is riding nicely, except for one horrible loose dry bit under a tree where it veers to avoid a windfall from storms past.  The greasiest section of last week was fast and smooth, tho more rutted out now than the past.  Back into the bottom and back into the climb, the young dude on a burly Santa Cruz who passed me last week, and had passed us earlier, passed us again, and Nelson took off to sit on his tail for the climb.  I plodded on up, tho faster than the last round, pushing it for strength building, and from the Junction it was about 7.45 and the sun was lower and we figured another round, or Dave's, would have been getting pretty dark, so, we bailed out the lower trails and back to the cars.

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