Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sunday morning Eastern cruise

Very rough night, bugger all sleep, so I couldn't be arsed riding to Steve's, or Ferrymead Bridge and riding out to Scumner with them, so drove and parked outside DotCom, meeting Marie there.  She tootled off ahead of us, and the boys, Steve, Andy and Wazzaaah turned up shortly thereafter.  Off up Richmond Hill we cruised, Steve filling me in on the bad news about Charlotte as we rode.  Caught up to Marie at the top of the main drag (up by Sanscrit Pl), and we all rode on up from there together.  Onto the road and on up to Greenwood start.

Into here, it's been a while, and on over to the ruins, good pace held by some through.  Bit of a regroup and off down, blazing away, cleaning the top section much better than Thursday, and boogying on down the rest of it, keeping a good pace but feeling pretty relaxed about it all.  Into the straight before the rocky ups, and there's these two douchebags fixing a flat, ON the fucking track.  Had to totally lose all speed to get round the tosser's big ass.  Same for everyone else.

Onto Goddles, and w00t! cleaned the rocky start climb, much better effort than Thursday's - but, admittedly was feeling a tad fresher.  That's 3 out of the last 4 times.  Cleaned up the rest of it, sort of chasing down the douches, but then we had a break on the top ridge above Scarbro, before blasting down to Livingston, over to Breeze, and final hoon down And-the-conda, Andy on my tail, commenting on how he can't understand how i can go so fast :)

Over the hill to coffee at DotCom, not long after 11.30.  all up a damned fine ride.  Lots of nice breaks and rests leaving me not too worn out, which is exactly what i needed after last night's debacle of sleep.

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