Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday morning Kranks

Cloudy tops of hills in the distance as I pushed into the head wind to Steve's for 9.15am start.  Got there to find Wayne, Wazzah, Andypandy and Stevo out front.  No other shows so we got rolling, deciding on Crapaki over cHuntsbury for no real reason.  Crapaki was as i remembered it, having been a while since heading up it, last time was on the Troll...    smooth and dull, but I pushed a good gear and survived the journey.  Helluva head wind up the top half, slowing an already slowish progress, and while waiting at the top the wind was very cooling.

Off up round the Vernon, feeling pretty good up here, tailwind assisting the first half of the climb.  On round and over the top for a near miss over the droppy bit below the road before the gate, my shorts getting stuck on my seat.  Good clip round the Traverse, short breaks in a couple of spots, and tailwind assist in the final throes to Vic Park where we had a shady sheltered stop in the trees before heading down Coffee Break and not over the see-saw and down into the Gummies where I had a sweet wee run, ending up down in the skidder site to find a Giant demo day setting up.  I took a Trance SX for a wee spin.  not bad, i spose. 

Off down Spazza's and then into Brent for a weird left hand high line, me wrongturning and Andrew getting in under me, following him blasting down through to the bottom.  Into Bridges, then Flow, Andy staying pretty good on my tail in some bits in there, then speedy blast down to Hidden Valley Linker, blowing the first climb out of the (dry) creek clambering up round the hairpins and on up up up. 

Into Old Skool, excellent speed and fun times, tailwind pushing pushing, then head wind across the pumpy then tail wind again, and finally out the bottom, rutty section getting the better of Andrew and when we got to the bottom it was only 11.20.  Down to the 'eatery' and probably not going back there...

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