Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Annual Trip, Day 5. Wakamarina the wrong way (again)

Tuesday, another beautiful day in paradise. Due to the roads accessing the other end of the Wakamarina being private logging roads and shut during the week, we were limited to only riding the Waka the same way as Nelson and me did it last year, ie, the hard way.

The motel-unit crew txtd that they were leaving at 9.30am.  We weren't quite ready but got going at maybe 9.45-50, stopping at the 4Square for some supplies then hitting the road.  Then Pete had a little issue with the Cozzie, but got going again, and so eventually we got up the Wakamarina Valley and parked up with the TFC and Steal&Pube trucks, contemplating blocking them in, but not. 

Got riding up the 4wd section, soon warming up. Then into the nice forest and through the end of the 4wd bit and onto the narrower track proper.  Past Doom Creek turn off this time, and down down down to the bridge.  Nice flow.  Up the rocky switchbacks and then on up the track.  I was on my own for most of this, just rode steady and onwards, eventually getting to the Hut not long after the first crew.  Chatted while first Nelson then the rest showed up, then the boys headed back down to have an adventure in Doom Creek where Robin nearly went off a cliff, while the mad ones, us, went UP (AGAIN! - I'd vowed I'd never do it again after the last time, but here I was, doing it again!  Ugh.  Will i never learn?).  Needless to say.  It was a long walk/push.  I got to the rooty wall face at about the 1000m mark and said "that's it for me", sat down and the sun came out and warmed me up (it'd cooled right down up here).  Then I threaded my way down, nursing my lack of travel, and being pretty cautious.  Meanwhile the others climbed and pushed their ways to the very top, and in the meantime, Marie had been pushing up behind us, unbeknownst to us, and had a fright by some pigs, so turned back, but had pushed up for an hour and a half, so can't have been too shy of us.  Anyway, worked my way down, stopping quite a few times to listen for the others.  One point I stopped for nearly 10 minutes, nice warm sunny spot about half way down.  Then got going again.  Stopped again at Mark's jersey for maybe 5 minutes.  Rode on down and down, the trail getting straighter, but more greasy, sloppy and rutted as I progressed.  Not far from the bottom there was a puddle hole that Nelson had scuffed a drain for and just below this my front wheel lost it and down I went off to the left of the track.  My wrist got tweaked enough to snap one of the pins holding my watch strap, but turned out okay.  I extracted myself from the ferns and my bike and continued on down, thinking "Phew!, that was close".  A little ways further down, just round the corner was the Devil's Hut sign, and I stopped here to wait for the others.  Heard voices, then watched as first Alistair hurtled off his bike into the ferns, then Nelson followed him straight over.  Spectacular crash!  They were both okay but Nelson's helmet had a dent in it from Ali's bash ring.

Regrouped and off down.  At one of the creek crossings Pete's derailleur finally exploded and we singlespeeded his bike (not very successfully, tho it kept him moving pretty good).  None could be arsed doing Doom Creek, so down to the bridge, and climbed back out and up and then blasted down to the cars...  Stopped at The Trout for a couple beers and then back to base for more Mussel dinners all around, final night.

Wednesday, I came home to get the bike fixed, rather than through to Nelson which I'd originally intended.

Bike report, Thurs morning, Josh has sorted me with a different set of forks, same sort, but coil...  He's repairing my ones, but I've got the option of keeping these ones.  Gonna try them out in Nelson this weekend and see how I like them...

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