Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday evening, Jet in the Worsley repeatish

Afterwork, left home 5.30ish, drove in car with Jet to top of hill, parking with lots of other vehicles, and a dude with a fluoro orange cactus pack had headed off just ahead of me, and a big group of guys were leaving just behind me.  I didn't see the group again til a bit later, but kept the fluoro orange backpack dude in my sights, gaining on him once or twice and him gaining away from me once or twice too...  Just before the top, I peeled off to the right to check out a new (to me) area of trails.  Moseyed down and had a wee poke.  Someone's put in some rolly fast stuff, which would kill altitude too quick, and there's a jumpy trail in there too, with big gaps between ramps and landings.  According to the maps, there's a tonne of country in here that is just ripe for the trail-pickings.  Only rode a little ways down then turned and rode back up an old 4wd trail back to top of forest and headed back for the main drag and on up.  The group of dudes crossed past out of the forest access track and up the Bodybag at this stage.  Rode on up the extra top track all the way up to top of Tommy2's.  and beyond actually, following a section Nelson and me checked out a while back over the top.  It didn't lead anywhere, so I cut across and found Hangloose, or Goat Track as i discovered tonight that it's called, and walked back up it and headed off down Tommy2's.  Excellent roll down here, tho probably holding the brakes too much.  Jet was awesome, as usual, staying exactly where he was needed to be.  Steeper and steeper, a couple of stops, but rode it all, and rolled out the bottom.  How many different lines are there in here??  Rolled out the bottom and up the exit track.

From the junction, headed up the bastard guts track, grinding away, up up to the clifftop and on up the B-line all the way to the top.  Bit of a rest up here, a snack, bit of a chat to a young fella, and after he'd left a dude on a fluoro-green Banshee Rune rolled up.  He headed up the climb towards Tommy2's and I followed but took Debbs's access.  Blitzed on down this, actually hitting the couple of wee jumps in there, then through the clearing and into the forest again, past the ruins, then into the darkness of the Douglas fir and on down down the old Debbie then round and where it crosses the bridge becomes Alice's Restaurant - according to the sign - "an 'All Country' track, strictly not Enduro.  ideal wheel size, 27.5, or if you prefer, 650B..."  Seems to roll pretty good on 26 too!  Anyway.  Rode more of it than the first time with Nelson, but still walked two sections I just wasn't game to fall off on.  Lower half was sweet, with some really techy shit goin' on.  As I met the bottom of Goat and T2 a large group (including the fluoro backpack and the fluoro Rune dude - as well as local semi-celebrities Rich and Mel) were finishing off Yoda and lower Goat.  I watched them roll through then caught them up down on the exit climb track.  Chatting away from the back as we rode up the hill.

At the junction, most of them headed for the other side of the road jumps track (where Nick was digging) and I followed the Rune dude up the guts track as far as the clifftop.  We chatted a little up here about the moon (which is going OFF right this second as I write this, lunar eclipse, or "Blood Moon") then I headed down Wayne's and FightClub while he headed on up.  Awesome run down these two and talked to Matt (on Pete's phone) as I climbed out arranging to meet at Poms later.  Was about 7.50 when I got down the final trail to the end, saying Hi to Nick parked near the bottom, before finishing off to the car.

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