Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Sharland's Valley wiggling.

In Nelson with the family for the weekend...  On Sunday, Drove up to the carpark in Sharlands with Jet and we headed up the road.  Counting off the kilometers, I was feeling pretty seedy from a fantastic night before, thinking I might go all the way to R&R, but when I got to the top entrance to FlyBuys, decided as I'd never ridden it before I'd give it a go.  Nice wee rolly flow down the hill, little whoops and doops, then a couple tight switchbacks and I's back on the road down the hill from BobsFern Rd.  Off back up the road, then up this, all the way up to the 506m trig, and into Ground Effect's Slingshot, which was different to what I remember of years back when we did it in the annual trip.  This time it went back and forth, loonngg zigs and zags, and looked little used.  Across the road and into Scottswood Wiggles.  This track went for ages, the odd climb and in dark fir or redwood forest the whole way.  Lower down, maybe after it'd become the Lancewood Waggles, the roots would have been insane in the wet.  Flowed on all the way down, Jet on my tail the whole way.  No stand out moments, just nice long flowy riding.  Some blasts of total speed, others very cruisy, stopping now and then for Jet to catch up.  All up we probably did about 20km total.  Forks felt pretty good, tho twice experienced a weird bottoming out on big G-outs... 

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