Saturday, October 04, 2014

Saturday afternoon Worsle Jet Lappages

Jet and me left home about 2, with a few errands on the way, and got up top of Worsley Rd some time before 3.  Was 3 oclock and I was half way up the first steep section of the guts internal forest track, grovelling a bit, and decided to try out the old favourite off to the left here to see what's up with it now.  Well, it rolls down like it did, swoop swoop, then over that droppy whoop, then where it used to head over a few jumps through a wee dip and then peel left steep?  No more...  instead, it just rockets down and rolls out onto the climbing track above the tank and just before the last corner before the junction...  back up here and on up the guts track again, this time catching some dudes on flash bikes walking, riding right on by cos there was no way i could stop now.  Jet cruising up and back as usual.  On up all the way, grinding away, up up up to the cliff top then on up the original, all the way to the very top, then on up the further up track, slightly greasy in here from yesterday's rain, and at the top of Debbie i stopped, breathed, then got going down on her.  corner corner corner jumpy jumpy drop down avoid the wetspots round past the clearing and back into the forest and under the douglas firs it was slick as and pitch dark...  stopped and got the sunnies off here, then took the climb out track off here and back up onto the original B-line then down to the clifftop and into Waynes World, peeling round this and part way down spotted a trail off to the right, followed it, spotted another really steep down one and took this, what a ride...  down down down, where the hell am i?  yikes, cant jump that.  step over it and keep rolling and ahh, here, right, entering fight club at the wallridey treeroot boll and on down this to the end.  loving the bits i knew well.

Climb out, back up the guts, this time maybe actually it was this time i passed the riders??  onwards up to the cliff top this time and this time into the original to the right of Waynesworld, down here then onto lower Wayne World and into top of Fight club and bombing it, but feeling slight off balance and trying to tip off the trail all the time.  got the better of that and kept flying down past where i'd come in before then on about the 3rd to last corner near the bottom there's a new fall line track off to the left straight line down to the road.  took it, and it reminded me of sections of lower Dave's track, but then the last drop to the road just looked tooooo steep, so i stepped off, and pushed back up to the Fight and finished if off.  Watching some young'uns do Nick's jump, one, two, three, four...  nice.  Climbed up past these guys and then up the guts again, but this time to the higher off the two trails off to the left, just before the pylon gap, and again, this time on the way up was catching up to a walking couple.  off to the left.  swoopy swoopy as before, had ridden this a while back, but it's exit is different now on account of the treefalls.  so, it get steeper and then there's this massively steep bit with some rocks at the top and i just wasnt game, so walked down it, then rode the rest out and came in behind the young'un jumpers, following them up to the Junction, where i peeled right and out, flowing down through the lower road while Jet took the higher road and we met above the watertank and bombed it out back to the car.  Nice hour and a half in the forest again...

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