Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday. First Trip Ride - Kaiteriteri

Quite a bit of rain around so was pretty late (after 5) before we got out to the park. Headed up Easy Street, hooking a left onto Swish, to Scoot, into Remedy for a fun blast down.  New bits in here for me, no longer taking in any of the Mary or whatever she was called.  Nice couple of gappy jumps at the bottom that various of us rode with various levels of success...  Next into Revelation, and then the climb up Ziggy and the lower end of Corkscrew, into Big Ups, and a fun blast down Big Airs.  Back into Ziggy, climbing climbing climbing, into Corkscrew, all the way up to the top and a good view lookout regroup. 

Back down the way we'd come, and right into Jaws, blasty blast down down and down (then climbing again...) and back into Big Ups climbing up to the top of Big Airs again.  This time we dived into Skulldrudgery, waaay more climbing than I'd remembered across the valleys, but once crossed the RockFace, downhill fun all the way...

In generaly, the whole park was a bit wet, and therefore slower as a result and any roots encountered were well techy.

A nice 15kms, but only 417 m climbed

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