Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Wednesday Night Windy Misty Daylight Tops Savings.

Met at Nelson's about 6 and we took our own cars up the hill parking at the top of the seal. Rode up the main drag, me getting my wheeze on before the pylon, and having to stop for a puff.  Onwards up, just through the cattlestop we hung a right, along the fenceline then up the singletrack from there.  Up the landing strip then up the gravel drudge to the Summit Rd.  Nice views up here.  Onto Vernon, down around, stopping to let a million riders through a couple of times, before a final stop-free blast to the finish. Into the Witch, good techy climb and fun descent, then across the road and onto the singletrack above the road.  At the end of this, before the Tors, stopped for photos (see mmr) at the new stile here (new memorial seat for a farmer), then up the road under the Tors.  A well earned snack before getting into Castle Rock - fast!  Rocket ships down the first section, slightly less so through the middle and then Nelson powered up the ups while I just plodded on up.

Bridle Path top: headed back up the road to the Castle, and climbed up onto the Tors track.  Excellent descent down this, cleaning everything, but stalled briefly just after the wee lump that normally gets me.  Down onto the road and across onto the singletrack again for the better direction, nice run through this, then straight into Witch, clamber clamber, racing the light now, bombing down the Rapaki side.  Then, instead of Vernon singletrack, we headed up the road to save time, sun having pretty much fully set.  Across the start of the Traverse, dropped into the jumpy descender, lights on tho not really needing them yet, easterly wind nearly blowing us off the jumps, then down the landing strip and over the fence into the singletrack.  Pretty good run down this, Nelson doing all the jumps, me skipping one or two, down down down, to the cars.

15 kms with 596m climbed.  Not bad!

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