Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Tuesday CAP with my Boys

School holidays, so took the boys to the Park.  We uplifted, and H and me headed down Duncan's Donuts, while O went off down Possums by himself.  Met him in the middle.  I found Donuts a bit boring, but H's smile on his face said it all.  Man it's long.  I tried to carry as much speed through every corner as possible, getting way higher on the berms than most obviously are, given the vegetation I was riding over.  Jumped every opportunity I could too.  Met O in the middle (he'd been waiting a while, and said Possums was cut up as, rutty and blown out.  Him and me headed down DOHC, while H went off down Active Rest on his own.  DOHC was fun.  Some good steep bits and I trailed O all the way, he's a really good wee rider.  Bombed out the bottom and got to waiting for H.

He arrived eventually (having passed some others), and we I took some stuff to the car, and we used the loo, and H crashed off one of those wooden jumpy things, hurting his back. 

Then we got on the lift and he'd left his (brand new, $10 from T7) gloves at the bottom...  O and me convinced him into coming down the Summit Connector with us, and he struggled with the steeper bits, but then was okay once it leveled off a bit.  I took the Nun but they took the road, and we regrouped for Choir Boy, bombing down this, waiting for H a few times, then into Loess.  The entrance is steep, and H struggled, but made it down no problem (bit of coaching from O and me), and then into the Loess...  Rode that sucker.  H's hands were getting really sore, blisters, etc, and he was just getting so beaten up by the track.  Forks need more suppleness, methinks.  I had a good run, jumping everything I could.  Meanwhile O had rocketted on ahead.  When we got to the bottom he'd already been up and rescued H's gloves.  Nice one. 

Called it a day, I don't think H would've handled another lap...  he was pretty fragile by that stage.

2 laps

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